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Business + Math + Technology Model

Let us briefly describe the different approaches of academic models in the past and present.

Business + Math

This gave rise to the consulting profession. This allowed us to use heuristics and creativity to make persuasive arguments in the boardroom.

Business + Technology

This gave rise to the IT profession. This helped us automate algorithmic tasks, thus improving productivity and efficiency.

Math + Technology

This inspired interesting software products that helped us address a wide range of business problems and operate proactively with anticipation. In order to describe in a better way the orientation of skills required for new business.

Business + Math + Technology

These are coming together with the behavioural sciences. We work at the intersection of Business, Math & Technology.

The behavioural sciences allow us to connect the dots between interactions and develop a deeper understanding of human behaviour. Combining that deep understanding with math and technology allows to create the appropriate incentives to drive behaviours that align with business goals


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