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Data Team As a Service

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Hire a Team of Specialists

We examine what works, what doesn’t, by how much, and why; with the highest measurement standards to make the best possible decisions.


We offer a wide variety of options for in-depth A/B and Multi-variate testing that drive new business knowledge, opportunity, and insights.

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Data Science

Let us connect the data in your enterprise for efficient storage, access, analysis, modeling, and prediction. From data exploration to integration, preparation and management and high-confidence decision-making.

Reporting & BI

Objective performance reporting that is accurate, timely, and high-quality. We build customized reporting solutions to fit your needs.



Stop wondering – and get answers that will help you achieve your business goals. We conduct primary and secondary research to get the answers for your most pressing business questions.




  • As needed or Ad-Hoc

  • Standard Pricing

  • Use tactically

  • Same expert team

  • No commitment

Ad-hoc Account Manager

Budget Agnostic Analytics


Monthly Package

  • Month-to-month

  • Price Discount of X%

  • Use strategically

  • Same expert team

  • Limited commitment

Shared Account Manager

Monthly Subscription

High Value & Budget Flexible


Annual Package

  • Year-to-year

  • Price Discount of XX%

  • Use strategically

  • Same expert team

  • Fixed commitment

Dedicated Account Manager

Annual Subscription

Package Options
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5


Comprehensive detailed analysis & insights

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Many options from A/B to Multi-variate testing

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Data Science

Data science, modeling, and prediction

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High quality objective and accurate reporting

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Market Research to inform your strategy

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Packages = Service + Support
1. You Select the Services
2. We Provide the Support

High Value & Budget Flexible

Full-Time, Complete Staff Support

Contact Us for Pricing

Step 1

Get an overview of Analytics’ services – Done!

Step 2

Do discovery to identify your immediate areas of opportunity

Step 3

Choose the package option that best fits your needs

Step 4

Complete signatures via a simple agreement

Step 5

We begin our first project together

From intro to invoice, we make it easy to do business together.

5 Steps to Get Started
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