Digital Transformation for a General Sales Agent (Airline)

The Background

Established more than 25 years ago, Allied Aviation is amongst the largest GSA companies in India, currently representing 8 airlines for cargo. Besides representing various airlines, they have been an ad-hoc charter operator for cargo and have organized several flights from India to Europe & the US. Spread across 16 cities in India, they help connect over 230 cities across the globe. They're a recognized member of IATA, TIACA & FEDAGSA.

The Challenge

Messy data, distrust, and misalignment of company objectives

  • The evaluation of every component within the organization was based on intuition & hearsay. This weakened the confidence in people, processes, and the product. It raised red flags in both, the HR & Operations departments.

  • Historical data was unorganized, got typed-in manually, and was scattered across departments. As the business expanded, the data became messier with multiple formats and data collection strategies that were only meant for humans to process.

  • Employees are used to the old-school working style for the past 20 yrs; bringing in facts and figures into decision making is challenging for everyone

  • Lack of analytics set-up required senior management to have long meetings, multiple back and forths, and debates between different departments' domain knowledge to come to any decision with confidence. These never-ending discussions paralyzed their efficiency, putting the clients in a disadvantaged situation.

The Solution

Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, and Culture Upgrade

Using a unique problem-solving mindset, Analytics deployed automation and business intelligence to deliver an easy solution. A digital platform where one can view, review, and compare company performance at various levels.

Empowered with data-driven performance comparisons, it moves the entire process of in-person decision making to a virtual platform, accessible remotely by various stakeholders. It saves them time, resources, and the need for manual intervention or physical proximity. doesn't work as a vendor but as a partner and we made sure the solution we provide is adopted throughout the organization. In order to foster a data-driven culture, we strategized the roll-out and internal process improvement. This was further supplemented by employee upskilling.

The Impact

  1. Improved data accessibility across the organization led to 60%+ time savings in the decision making process

  2. Seamless migration to standard, state-of-the-art digital tools, and related support services

  3. Identification of opportunities and risks in the business, leading to improved processes and better revenue