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New York's Biggest Fitness Studio Reduced 30% Churn Through Customer Behaviour Understanding


305 Fitness is an underground non-stop dance cardio workout that infuses dance moves, sports drills, and high-intensity interval training. Classes feature a live DJ and rhythmic light show. This tech-based Series A-funded organization enables fitness trainers to coach further.

" Analytics stood out as a problem solver and partner who was not afraid of complex challenges"

- Holly Whited, VP of Licensing Strategy & Operations, 305 Fitness


305 Fitness, a fast-growing fitness company, was facing a significant challenge related to customer churn. Despite offering unique and exciting workout experiences, they were experiencing a high rate of customer attrition. The company's management realized the need to understand user behavior better to address the issue and improve customer retention.


The primary objective of this case study was to leverage user behavior understanding to identify the factors contributing to customer churn and implement strategies to reduce it by at least 30%.

305fitness workout
Workouts at 305 Fitness NYC

What We Did


  1. Data Collection and Analysis: We collaborated closely with 305 Fitness to collect and analyze data related to user behavior. This included information on class attendance, workout preferences, engagement patterns, and user feedback. The data was collected through the company's website, mobile app, and customer surveys.

  2. User Segmentation: Based on the collected data, we performed user segmentation to group customers with similar characteristics together. This allowed us to identify specific trends and patterns within different user segments, providing valuable insights into why certain customers were churning.

  3. Behavior Understanding: Using advanced analytics techniques, we delved deep into user behavior to understand the factors influencing customer churn. We identified key touchpoints and interactions that were crucial in determining whether a customer would continue using the service or discontinue their membership.

  4. Insights and Recommendations: Upon analyzing the data and understanding user behavior, we presented actionable insights and recommendations to 305 Fitness. These insights included identifying popular workout classes, peak engagement periods, and areas where customer satisfaction could be improved.

  5. Personalization and Retention Strategies: Armed with a better understanding of user preferences, the client implemented personalized recommendations for their customers. They tailored workout suggestions, class schedules, and promotional offers based on individual preferences, driving higher engagement and retention.


By leveraging user behavior understanding, 305 Fitness achieved remarkable results

  1. 30% Reduction in Churn: With targeted retention strategies and personalized offerings, the company successfully reduced customer churn by 30%. Understanding user behavior allowed them to address pain points and create experiences that resonated with their audience.

  2. Improved Customer Satisfaction: By personalizing workouts and offers, customer satisfaction levels increased significantly. Happy customers were more likely to continue their memberships and recommend 305 Fitness to others.

  3. Enhanced Business Decision-Making: The insights gained from analyzing user behavior provided valuable input for making informed business decisions. This helped the company optimize their class schedules, marketing efforts, and overall customer experience.


305 Fitness, demonstrated the power of user behavior understanding in reducing customer churn and improving overall business performance. Through data-driven insights and personalized strategies, they transformed their approach to customer engagement and retention, solidifying their position in the competitive fitness industry. Embracing a user-centric mindset, 305 Fitness continues to thrive, offering its unique and exhilarating workout experiences to a growing base of satisfied and loyal customers.


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