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Digital Marketing Agency cut their delivery time by 10x through White Labeling Solutions


A London-based marketing transformation company working with brands like Amazon, Danone, Cisco, Lexus, EY, Coca-Cola, etc. helps their clients improve their marketing effectiveness & efficiency. Their area of expertise lies in marketing strategies, skills & structures, marketing processes, and agency rosters.

Their process involves sending surveys to respective parties like employees, marketers, agencies etc. based on the process they are helping the brand to fix.

Once the surveys with enormous data quantity are collected, the information needs to be converted into understandable insights using dashboards.

This is where they wanted to bring in a trusted and experienced analytics industry partner, like us, who could create visualisations to easily digest the data and highlight actionable insights.


We created two major reports using PowerBI that were white-labelled for the digital marketing agency.

  1. Skill Assessment Report: This report helped the brands assess employee skills as individuals and teams. The skill ratings were compared with industry benchmarks to find skills gaps and ideas for learning & development, organization design, and recruitment. The report helped the brands make data-driven decisions about employee skills and development.

  2. Agency Appraisal: This report helped the brands identify the effectiveness of working with external agencies. Resize and reshape agency rosters to match the ever-changing needs of brands and consumers. The report provided valuable insights into the brand <> agency's current ecosystem and how they are working towards the brand's goals.

This while-labelling solution reduced the delivery time from 10 days to 1 day. This enabled the agency to churn out reports quickly and take on 3 times more customers in a month than they did before.

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