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Supercharge Your Online Store with Actionable Insights

Harness the full potential of your direct-to-consumer (D2C) business with our cutting-edge analytics service. Gain valuable insights into your customers, marketing campaigns, and sales performance to drive growth and maximize your ROI.

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Tailor Your Strategies To Enhance Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Understand Your Customers

  • Customer behavior preferences, and buying patterns.

  • Most valuable customer segments, their demographics, and psychographics.

  • Repeat purchasers, customer loyalty, and customer lifetime value (LTV). 

Optimize Store Growth

  • Most effective channels, campaigns, & messaging that resonate with your target audience.

  • Impact of  marketing initiatives on sales and brand awareness.

  • Key touchpoints in the customer journey

Track Sales Performance

  • Key sales metrics such as revenue, AOV, and conversion rates.

  • Buying patterns, peak seasons, and opportunities to drive sales growth.

  • Effectiveness of pricing, bundling and promotions.

Measure Campaign Impact

  • Impact of your marketing campaigns and track ROI.

  • Sales attribution to different marketing channels and initiatives.

  • Optimize your budget allocation and marketing mix based on data-driven insights.

" Analytics stood out as a problem solver and partner who was not afraid of complex challenges. They took an ambiguous data project and really helped us create order out of the chaos." 

Holly Whited, VP of Strategy & Operations, 305 Fitness

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