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We help early-stage start-ups scale through quality insights hidden in their data

Decrease Customer Acquisition Costs.

Increase Retention and Revenue.

Track company performance and goals.

Gather essential Information

Automate KPI Reporting

Save Time & Money

Agata Krzysztofik

Head of Growth,

Kritika consistently unearthed hidden gems of information, helping us identify growth opportunities and prioritize initiatives that had the biggest revenue potential.

Why should you care?


Get Awfully Easy To Understand Dashboards


Benchmarked Against Industry


Have Your Team Trained On Reading These


All at one-fifth cost and

2x speed

In less than 3 months, start seeing the impact!


We are stack-agnostic, but who doesn't have a favourite!

Tracking (web, mobile, marketing)

Data Warehouse 

Data Visualisation

Product Analytics

  • What if I have no data yet?
    We can help you at every step of the way, no matter your starting point. A typical project, starting from scratch involves these steps - Understanding business objectives - Crafting analytics strategy accordingly - Picking the right stack - Configure product and marketing tracking - Build foundational reports that answer 80% business questions
  • Why should I work with you?
    We deliver projects in weeks, not months. We give money-back guarantee. Our pricing is tailored for startups. We have worked with companies at exactly your stage. We only take projects from the industries we have specialisation in. You connect directly with the founder and no managers in-between. We are here to enable you and then hire someone who can keep the lamps burning for you.
  • What do the costs look like?
    A typical end-to-end project costs around $15K and concludes in about a quarter. We customise pricing based on the needs, of course. The smallest project we have done was budgeted at $3K.
  • What guarantees do you provide?
    If you are not satisfied with our engagement in the first month, we give your money back. No questions asked.
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