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Digital Marketing Agency 2x Campaign Performance Through New Reporting System

Do you suspect that your campaign's performance couldn’t be improved?

In this case study—you’ll see how a seasoned digital marketing agency utilized the power of automated reporting to iterate on their campaigns and improve the performance for their client by 2x.

Plus, we’ll share a marketing dashboard template you can use to create wins by applying it to your campaigns.

It gets overwhelming to make sense of all the numbers flowing from different directions. Especially, when they are not connected to each other to surface a coherent story.

Augmen Digital, a digital marketing agency from the Philippines, knew they can unlock new levels of success for their clients if only they could act faster based on insights instead of spending hours trying to figure out what the numbers mean. Analytics was hired from a list of three consultants to build a solution for the same.

To create the perfect solution, we -

  • Used Google Data Studio (GDS): one of the top free top BI tools available in the market.

  • Consolidated different data sources: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Copy database, Creatives database, URL database.

  • Picked the campaign performance metric that really creates a difference for the client: Cost Per Purchase, Average Order Value, ROAS, Spend, Revenue generated, etc.

After consolidating all the data into Google Data Studio, and identifying the right metric to track, our data studio experts built dynamic reports that were easy to read. It instantly enabled the clients to see insights they could not see from previous reporting systems.

Within a month, we seamlessly transitioned 15 clients of Augmen digital onto the new and effective reporting system.

The cherry on the cake

An additional layer of Audience Analysis was added to the report that enabled Augmen Digital to sell this part of the report to their clients for a premium.

Augmen Digital

A digital marketing agency from Cebu, Philippines, focusing on small to medium-sized players. Their data-driven campaign execution with a high creative refresh rate makes them popular among brands like GlobeIn, Wildkin, PotentialX, etc. They operate on a patented GAMBIT framework for increasing ROAS for their clients.

"They blew the project out of the park with ideas that I'd never even heard of ”

- Reinart Bacalso, Founder Augmen Digital


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