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Industry Expertise
Working and solving challenges across multiple industries makes our approach robust and gives our partners a breadth of novel solutions 
Mobile & Web Apps

Won't you love to know your users need, understand their behavior? Track the app performance, find out if the users like that latest feature, check if the marketing campaign you recently rolled out is effective.

Make those board meetings most effective, by letting the numbers do the talking! 

Image by Yura Fresh

Did you know, by 2030, a whopping 95% of commerce transactions will take place online?

How do you arrange your online shelves? When do customers buy the most? What can be the best customised promotional offer you can give? Do you have a loyalty program?

Image by Brooke Lark

Curious about what your customers think about your product?  Can online & offline feedback be used to suggest what can be improved and what is working really well?

Our Natural Language Processing expertise is here for the rescue!

Image by XR Expo
Air Cargo

35% of global trade by value is represented by air cargo.

For a GSA, it becomes necessary to track who are their best agents, what routes yield the most, which airline provides cargo space during which season, how online and offline revenues fare against total turnover.

Consumer Goods

Optimize the assortment to reflect local preferences, Replenish your stocks in-time to avoid out-of-stock situations, drive better engagement by providing promotional offers based on past purchases

Let us help you delight your customers so much, they never buy from anywhere else!

Image by Heidi Fin

A 10% boost in data accessibility yielded $65 million in added income for the average Fortune 1000 company.

Understand your machine utilization, improve your supply side of the process, monitor downtime & costs, optimize the production process, access return on assets among other things.

Image by Science in HD
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