Stages in Evolution of Data Systems

Evolution of Data Systems

Big Data is the next generation of data warehousing and business analytics and is poised to deliver top-line revenues cost efficiently for enterprises. The greatest part about this phenomenon is the rapid pace of innovation and change; where we are today is not where we will be in just two years and definitely not where we will be in a decade.

Aside from the changes in the actual hardware and software technology, there has also been a massive change in the actual evolution of data systems. Let us compare it to the stages of learning: dependent, independent, and interdependent.

Dependent (Early Days):

Data systems were fairly new and users did not know quite know what they wanted. IT assumed that “Build it and they shall come.”

Independent (Recent Years):

Users understood what an analytical platform was and worked together with IT to define the business needs and approach for deriving insights for their firm.

Interdependent (Big Data Era):

Interactional stage between various companies, creating more social collaboration beyond your firm’s walls.